Paper for the other 71% of the Earth’s surface!

The aquaSketch Minno is a rugged underwater notebook, sketchpad and reference platform that brings all the convenience and versatility of paper to the marine environ-ment, and other extreme settings. This patented device is small enough to be worn on the wrist or put into a pocket, yet it can hold an incredible Eight feet of waterproof, reus-able and printable material.


The aquaSketch Minno is the ultimate device for notation and reference under any ex-treme condition:

  • Easy to use: Worn on the wrist, aquaSketch Minno is optimized for easy, single-handed use.
  • Durability: Simple and virtually indestructible, no batteries or electronics, aquaSketch Minno is dependable in the most adverse conditions.
  • Compact: Small enough to be stored in a pocket or worn on the wrist.
  • Capacity: aquaSketch Minno can hold an incredible 8 feet of paper.
  • Saving notes: Simply scroll through notes, aquaSketch Minno unique vellum can be scanned or photographedfor digital archiving.
  • Reusable: Once archived, notes can be erased completely and aquaSketch Minno reused idefinitely.
  • Erasability: Use a finger to erase unwanted notes underwater, aquaSketch Minno’s textured surface makes it easy to erase completely during or after a dive.
  • Reusable: After notes are archived aquaSketch Minno can be erased completely or reused.
  • Apps: aquaSketch Minno‘s extensive library of pre-printed “Apps” include: Decompression schedules, Dive safety checklists and many more!
  • Printable: Custom printing of maps, guides and other reference material.
  • Colours: Available in Three Colour Options: Black (AQ-200BB), Green & White (AQ-200G) and Pink & White (AQ-200P).

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